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My name is Lauri, and I’m a Virtual Project Manager.  A VPM supports and helps businesses grow from a remote office. 

I work with a team of  VPM’s.  We utilize two ways to support a business.  One is a team will support your business or one VPM will be assigned to you.  While no one VPM knows everything, a team will be much more efficient and knowledgeable. 

VPM’s take projects or tasks off your plate thereby giving you more time to spend on growing your business.  You can hire by the hour or by the project.  An example of a project-based price is to set up a simple website with 5 pages (Home, About, Contact, Services, Reviews/Portfolio).  This cost is $450.  This is also something the team would work on.  Therefore, you get the benefit of all that combined knowledge.  Everything is up to you.  If you prefer that only one person work on your project, then only one person will work on your project.  Whether you use the team or one person, the cost is the same.

Let us help.  Please contact me, and we will work on growing your business together.

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